Bridges to the Future

The art of listening and talking

Episode Summary

Can perfecting the ability to listen to one another improve the overall health of our society? How do we talk about politically contentious issues more constructively? Matthew is joined by two guests who make the case for communicating more effectively to help heal divides and foster better outcomes.

Episode Notes

Global crises cause big changes and reveal deep structural weaknesses.  

In this special interview series from the RSA its chief executive, Matthew Taylor, puts a range of practitioners on the spot - from scholars to business leaders, politicians to journalists - by asking for one big idea to help build effective bridges to our new future.

Stephen Coleman is a Professor of Political Communication  and the author of How People Talk About Politics

Emily Kasriel is Head of Editorial Partnerships at the BBC and the author of this article: 'The surprise befits of talking to strangers'. 

A Tempo & Talker production for the RSA. 

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