Bridges to the Future

Andrew J Scott and Lynda Gratton

Episode Summary

The way we work has radically altered during lockdown, but what will be the long-term impact on our working lives? Matthew consults economist Andrew J Scott and management specialised, Lynda Gratton.

Episode Notes

Global crises cause big changes and reveal deep structural weaknesses. As drastic measures are taken across the world to stop the spread of COVID-19,  what are the short, medium and long term implications for our society, our economy, geopolitics - and us as individuals?

In this special interview series from the RSA, its chief executive, Matthew Taylor, talks to a range of practitioners - from scholars to business leaders, politicians to journalists - to assess the scale of the response and consider how we build effective bridges to our new future. 

Lynda Gratton is Professor of Management Practice at the London Business School.  Andrew J Scott is Professor of Economics at the London Business School.  They are the authors of The New Long Life

Produced by Craig Templeton Smith

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